26 July 2011

Fifty and fabulous

I wore: Traffic People Union Jack Maxi
He wore: Musto checkered shirt and All saints slim fit jeans

Paper chains

Feel so awful for not blogging recently but my next couple of posts will explain why i've been so out of the loop! Working full time at an International School as an activity leader aka playing games all afternoon on the beach with kids!! But last week I was also pretty tied down with preparations for my Mum's 50th Birthday partyyyy.  You can see here the sort of things I had planned to make...

So I started out with the cupcake cases:
This is how they were meant to look...
I took some doileys and first cut them in half, then cut out the centre so you're left with just the pretty lacey bit!

Then once your cakes are made simply wrap them around and stick!
I made a total of 50 cases but had lots leftover and didn't want to waste the prettiness so I used the rest to make a paperchain

Place cards...multicoloured parcel tags

Food cards...

 See next post to find out how it all looked together ♥

5 July 2011

Summer Loving ♥

Picture heavy post...

Owl you need is love

Owl Cushion Tutorial...
My first ever blog tutorial and i'm quite excited, so a few weeks back I posted about an owl cushion that I absolutely adored and a Hobbycraft version of a tutorial here so when I found some spare time I set about making my own (: This was the kind of thing i was going for...

Step one: Select materials...I selected a load of different floral ones with a general pink, blue, green and cream theme.
Step two: Draw up a general idea of how you want it to turn out on to paper.
Step Three: Draw outline on to the material you want for the bulk of the front and the back I chose my Cath Kidston swatch.
Step Four: Cut it out...create two, one for the front, one for the back.
Step Five: Cut out shapes for the eyes, nose, wings and breast feathers from all the other different materials then lay it all out to get an idea of how it might look.
Step Six: Glue down all the pieces with pritstick or something similar (avoid PVA to prevent the material from going stiff when it dries) I found that glueing it all down first made it a lot easier to start sewing it all together.
Step Seven: Stitch around the wings, breast feathers, eyes and nose.  I wanted some of the stitching to be noticeable so used a thicker black thread around the wings and nose, but used a much more subte cream thread for the breast feathers and eyes.
Step Eight: Stitch buttons on for eyes

Step Nine: Get the back piece of material and place it pattern side down on top of the finished front piece, so that both patterned sides and facing eachother, then with a machine or by hand sew right around the edge leaving about a 10cm gap at the bottom to add the stuffing.

Step Ten: Pull the material back out the right way so that the patterned side is then on the outside, which should leave you with neat edges completely hiding the stitching on the inside. 

Step Eleven: Add stuffing, then close seam by hand.
Step Twelve: Enjoy ♥

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